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Our mining and construction equipment business unit is a passionate mining equipment maintenance company which use high tech equipment, tools, skilled and qualified technicians for the services. Our business focuses on machine conversions, rebuilds, refurbishments, fault finding, over-inspections and breakdowns problem solving. We incorporate services such as the following:

A. Machine conversions: Services

We reconfigure machines as per request from customers or mining operation variances on electrical conversions (380V to 550V), hydraulic and mechanical conversions (Drill to Roof bolter).

  • Electrical conversion
  • Hydraulic conversion
  • Mechanical conversion
  • Machine disassembly and assembly

    B. Rebuilds and Refurbishments: Services

    We carryout rebuild over inspections and cost estimations to refurbish any type of mining equipment, buckets and bowls.

  • Inspections
  • Cost estimation
  • Drills, Loaders and Dump Trucks rebuilds
  • Loader Buckets and Truck Bowls Refurbishments

    C. Fault Finding and commissioning: Services

    We respond to call-outs to monitor, inspect, fault finding and provide breakdown problem solving solutions.

  • Commissioning
  • Equipment Monitoring
  • Fault finding
  • Breakdown problem solving
  • Machine recovery

    D. Labour hire: Services

    We provide high skilled technicians with vested knowledge on surface and underground mining equipment:

  • Skilled Technicians
  • Qualified Electricians
  • Diesel Mechanics
  • Boilermakers (with tools and welding equipment)